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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Release Bulletin

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
Release Bulletin
2019 (13.0)

This section provides short descriptions of the new features in Intergraph Smart® Instrumentation 2019 major and minor releases and its service packs. For details of features added in previous versions of Smart Instrumentation, see the Release Bulletin document supplied with the specific version.

Smart Instrumentation 2019

Functionality, such as importing hook-up libraries or importing DDP library data, that used example databases, for example IN_ctlog.db or INToolsef.db have been changed and now have the suffix .ddti.

DBChecker Utility

Since Smart Instrumentation 2018, the DBChecker Utility (checkdb.exe) is no longer available.


All Smart Instrumentation documentation is now available online on the Hexagon PPM documentation web site. We no longer deliver or install documentation with the software, except for the readme.

This change to documentation allows us to update our documentation more quickly, giving you a better experience. The documentation web site also allows for searching across all of PPM’s documentation, the creation of personalized books that you can download as PDFs, bookmarking, and more.

To view the On-line documentation, go to Hexagon PPM Documentation ( You can also use the Help menu or F1 inside the product to launch the online documentation..


It is now possible to publish to SmartPlant Foundation wire-terminal relations using the Cable Connection Browser report. This involves changes being made to the Smart Instrumentation mapping definitions using the the SmartPlant Instrumentation Schema Configuration Wizard. For more details see the Online help for Smart Instrumentation.

Save as

The Excel format .XLSX has been added to the format options available in the Save as dialog box.

Save Specification Sheets as PDF Files

Specification sheets can be saved as PDF files. You can select one specification or a number of specifications. They can be saved individually as single files or you can save a number of specifications together as one PDF.

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