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Reference Data
11 (2016)

Description: Utility <size> Notched Steel Gusset Plate
Symbol Name: Utility,Ingr.SP3D.Content.Support.Symbols.Utility_GUSSET_NOTCHED
Workbook: HS_Utility_Deprecated.xls
Workbook Sheet: Utility_GUSSET_NOTCHED
User Class Name: Notched Steel Gusset Plate
Part Number: Utility_GUSSET_NOTCHED_<number>
Inputs, Outputs, and Aspects:
ProgID: Utility,Ingr.SP3D.Content.Support.Symbols.Utility_GUSSET_NOTCHED
Output name 1 = "Port1"
Output name 2 = "BODY"
Input name(2) = "THICKNESS"
Input name(3) = "W"
Input name(4) = "H"
Input name(5) = "NOTCH_DEPTH"