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10.1 (2014 R1)

 Places structural members that support vertical vessels directly (typically four lugs that rest on the members) or that support the grating around the vessel. This command considers the vessel diameter and clearance, or the bolt circle diameter (lug-hole to lug-hole diameter) to determine member positions. Based on the cross-section type chosen (I-section or channel), the command also considers the gage (the distance to the bolt hole location) in positioning the member. Because the equipment is often not centered within the main framing of the opening, the command accommodates such conditions and displays appropriate messages if the framing is not feasible. In general, the four supporting members must form a square.

This command is currently limited to configurations where the lugs are positioned North, South, East, and West, or at 45 degrees to these axes. This command only supports the placement of W, M, HP, S, C, MC, BUI, BUC, BUTee, BUIUE, and BUBoxFM sections.

For additional information about members, see Members.

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