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Intergraph Smart 3D
10.1 (2014 R1)

Specifies the properties for the handrail that you are placing or editing.

 Handrail Properties

Activates the Handrail Properties dialog box. You can use this dialog box to specify additional handrail properties, such as rail section and toe plate section, which you cannot set on the ribbon. For more information, see Handrail Properties Dialog Box.

 Create Handrail Path

Activates the Create Path Ribbon with which you define the handrail path.

 Toggle Side

Select to place the handrail on the other side of the path.


Decomposes the handrail symbol to individual structural members for each post and rail. You should convert a handrail when you want to add, edit, or delete the positions of individual posts, rails, or perform some other handrail customization that cannot be done using the handrail symbol properties. The Handrail object will become the system parent of the individual members. Deleting the Handrail object will delete the children members. Handrails that you have converted to member parts cannot be converted back to a handrail symbol. You can place handrails as individual members during initial placement by clicking Convert instead of Finish, or you can select an existing handrail and convert it to member parts.


Places the handrail in the model.


Select the system to which the handrail belongs. You can create new systems in the Systems and Specifications task.


Select the type of handrail to place from the catalog.


Specify the name for the handrail that you are placing. This box is read-only unless you are using the User Defined naming rule.

Beginning Treatment

Specify the end treatment for the beginning of the handrail.

End Treatment

Specify the end treatment for the end of the handrail.