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Intergraph Smart 3D Structure

Intergraph Smart 3D
10.1 (2014 R1)

You can export an individual model or all the models in a project using a command line key-in. The command line export model program verifies the validity of each model before processing that model. Invalid models are not processed. Possible invalid models include models from older software versions or corrupted models where a database file is missing.

Error messages are written to a log file created in the user TEMP environment variable folder and is named FWCIMSteelExport.log.

Before running this command line utility, you must create a text file, inputoptions.txt, which describes all input options based on the following file format.

File Format

# Models List

# This section contains a list of models with complete path.



# Project information

# This section includes information about author, organization and unit.

# For Unit, 1 indicates US_IMPERIAL and 2 indicates SI system of units.

Author = FWP Developer

Organization = Intergraph

Unit = 1

# Member criteria selection for type

# 1 indicates that an item is selected, while 0 not selected.

Beam = 1

Column = 0

VB = 1

HB = 1

Slab = 1

Wall = 1

Hole = 1

# Member criteria selection for class

# 1 indicates that an item is selected, while 0 not selected.

Class0 = 1

Class1 = 0

Class2 = 1

Class3 = 1

Class4 = 1

Class5 = 0

Class6 = 1

Class7 = 0

Class8 = 0

Class9 = 1

The command syntax is:

<prod_dir>\bin\FWCIMSteelExport.exe <file_path>\inputoptions.txt

Where <prod_dir> is where FrameWorks Plus is installed and <file_path> is the path to inputoptions.txt. For example, if FrameWorks Plus is installed under c:\win32app\ingr\fwplus and inputoptions.txt is under d:\temp, then the command is c:\win32app\ingr\fwplus\bin\FWCIMSteelExport.exe d:\temp\inputoptions.txt.

This utility creates separate step files for each model and all these step files are created in the project\int folder. The name of the file is the model name appended with _export.stp. For example, if the model name is model1.mod, then the step file name is model1_export.stp.

You can also run this utility from the PD_shell CIM Steel Export Batch command. In this case, PD_Shell creates input options file before running this utility.