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Intergraph Smart 3D
10.1 (2014 R1)

Places a stair in the model. You attach the top of the stair to an edge of any object. You attach the bottom of the stair to a plane. The bottom plane must be lower than the top edge. You must also define the position of the stair along the top edge. There are two methods for defining this position: 1) Select a reference edge or plane that intersects with the top edge and set the horizontal offset distance along the top edge from the intersection point. You can position the stair on either side of the reference. 2) Define a position for the stair graphically.

After you define the position of the stair, the stair appears in the model. The software automatically calculates the number of steps.

1 - Top Edge

2 - Bottom Plane

3- Reference Edge

Because the stair, the top edge, and the bottom plane are connected, the interference checker service will not find any hard interference between any part of the stair (stringer, handrail, tread, and so forth) and the top edge object or the bottom plane.

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Select Stair Dialog Box

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