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10.1 (2014 R1)

The Specification tab displays the insulation specification properties as they are defined in the reference data. The property name appears on the left side of the grid and the corresponding property value appears on the right side of the grid. If you selected more than one insulation and then selected the properties command, only the common specification properties between the selected insulation display.

The properties that display depend on what you defined in the reference data. Refer to the Structure Reference Data Guide for more information on the properties.

Specification Name

Defines the insulation specification name. All insulation specification names should be unique.

Specification Description

Describes the insulation specification.


Defines the purpose of the insulation specification. The insulation specification purpose is defined in the StructInsulationPurpose select list in Catalog.

Material Name

Defines the insulation material. This material is defined in Catalog in the Structure > Materials > Properties node.

Material Grade

Specifies the object material grade. To change the options on the list, edit the Structure > Materials > Properties node in Catalog.


Defines the insulation thickness.

Encasement Rule

Defines the encasement rules that this insulation specification must use. Encasement rules are defined in Catalog in the Structure > Objects > Insulation > Fireproofing node or in the StructMemberFireproofing workbook.

Fireproofing Rating

Defines the time for which the fireproofing is rated.

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