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The transferred database backups are restored on each Satellite location server using the same names as the original databases on the Host server. First, use the Smart 3D Database Wizard to restore the Site and Site schema databases. Then, use Tools > Restore in the Project Management task to restore the Catalog, Catalog schema, and Model databases.

  1. Open the Smart 3D Database Wizard, and restore the Site and Site schema.

    Make sure the Site database workshare location field contains the correct location name when restoring the site.

  2. Use Project Management to restore the Model and Catalog databases onto the Satellite server.

  3. Run the Regenerate Reports Database command on the Satellite locations.

  • You must regenerate the reports database after executing the PostRestore script.

  • When the Catalog database is restored on a Satellite server participating in a Global Workshare Configuration, the path information for the SharedContent folder is saved. Administrators at the Satellite locations can use the Project Management task to make the path to the SharedContent folder location-specific.