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Creates a new permission group. A permission group is a portion of the model over which people have various levels of responsibility or access rights. You can also access this command by clicking Database > New > Permission Group or by right-clicking a permission group folder in the Project Management tree and selecting New Permission Group.

By default, the software assigns the permission group creator to the group with Full Control permissions. You assign additional users and permissions to the group by using Permissions . For more information, see Permissions.

The software places a permission group under a permission group folder in the tree view. You cannot create permission groups and permission group folders at the same level.

  • The permission group hierarchy does not display in Smart 3D tasks. Instead, depending on the access rights of an individual user, permission groups display on the toolbar and in Properties dialog boxes.

  • You can define custom properties for the permission group using Database > Define Properties > Permission Group. For more information, see Define Permission Group Properties.

  • After you create a new permission group, you can edit the properties assigned to it by selecting it and clicking Edit > Properties. The properties that you create or modify for a permission group apply to all the permission groups within the given model. The properties do not apply to permission groups in other models.

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