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Perform the following procedure at the Host and all of the Satellite locations that participate in the Workshare.

  1. Open SQL *Plus, and connect as a user with SYSDBA privileges.

  2. At the SQL prompt, type ARCHIVE LOG LIST, and press ENTER.

    The value for Database log mode is Archive mode, indicating that the database is in ARCHIVELOG mode. If the database is not in ARCHIVELOG mode, then the value for Database log mode is No Archive Mode.

  • Set the initial archiving mode as part of the database creation:

  • If the database was created in No Archive Mode, you can change the archiving mode by using the ALTER DATABASE statement with the ARCHIVELOG clause. To change the archiving mode, you must be connected to the database with administrator privileges (as SYSDBA). For step-by-step guidelines about switching from one archive mode to another, see Managing Archived Redo Logs in the Oracle Database Administrator's Guide delivered with the Oracle Database software.