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SmartPlant Isometrics I-Convert Help

Intergraph I-Convert

The following tables lists common warning and information messages that can appear in the Errorlog.txt file produced during the AutoPlant conversion process.

Warning Messages



Warning - No Skey found for xxx Gtyp xxxx Record Omitted.

I-Convert could not determine the SKEY from the class.ini file – ensure that the correct module has been selected.

Warning - Invalid Bore for xxx Record Omitted."

I-Convert could not determine the bore for the component – ensure that the units are correct.

Warning - Cannot Determine Configuration Found for xxx with SKEY xxx Component Omitted."

The SKEYdoes not exist in the skey.tbl or the skeyuser.tbl.

Information Messages



Information - Components with SKEY : xxx are not required in catalog - no record created for - xxx

Certain components types for example ‘Pulled bends’ are not required in the SmartPlant Isometrics catalog – no action necessary.

Information - Unable to find bolts for xxx Bore xxx

No bolts could be found to match the component bore, rating and facing information.

Information - No bolts exist for xxx Bore xxx

No bolts could be found to match the component bore.

Information - xxx NS xxx Thread / Socket depth greater than Component length - 0 mm Length assumed."

The length of the thread or sock depth is created than the component length.