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Intergraph I-Convert

After you have extracted and organized your legacy project data, you can begin using the software to create projects and to configure project settings. These project settings are stored in a project configuration file (.icp), which is read by the software during the catalog generation process.

I-Convert project file

You can use the software to create I-Convert projects from the following third-party plant design systems:

  • AutoPlant

  • PDMS

  • PDS

  • CADWorx Pipe

In addition, the software also supports the conversion of Isogen piping input files (.idf and .pcf formats) and the translation of Neutral data files.

Project settings

You use the Settings dialog box to define the settings that are relevant to the current project. You can define general settings, which are applicable to all projects, and module-specific settings, which are applicable only to the current project. The example below shows the Settings dialog box for an AutoPlant project.

The settings that you define for the project are written to the I-Convert project file (.icp), which is stored by default in the Safe folder of the current project and used by the software during the generation process.

Although most of the settings that you must configure prior to generating catalogs and specifications are specific to the type of project data with which you are working, two types of general settings are common to all project types: Supports and Welding. The available options and the technique for configuring those options are identical regardless of project data.

  • If you close the Settings dialog box, all other settings dialog boxes are closed automatically. You can minimize the dialog box to remove it from view.

  • Click Edit > Settings to reopen the Settings dialog box for the current project.

Settings dialog box

Support Settings dialog box

Weld Settings dialog box

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