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SmartPlant Isometrics I-Convert Help

Intergraph I-Convert

Specification directory

Specifies the name of the project name folder, which contains the data files to be processed. This field is mandatory.

Data schema file

Specifies the schema XML file, which is located in the Dat folder in the project. This field is mandatory.

SKEY Redefinition file

In I-Convert, certain SKEY’s trigger special actions. For example a PB (pulled bend) triggers the software to not generate any catalog items because they are not required in the SmartPlant Isometrics catalog. An RE** (eccentric reducer) triggers the calculation of an offset. An NBSC (barrel nipple) SKEY triggers the software to use the modifier column to determine the length. If you have any redefined SKEYs, these actions will not function. Therefore, you can specify an SKEY Redefinition file. This file lists the new SKEY together with an SKEY to which it is be mapped. This field is optional. For more information, see SKEY Redefinition file.

To avoid entering every user-defined SKEY in the SkeyUser.tbl , mapping the SKEY to a standard Isogen SKEY causes <Product> to deal with the component as a standard component.


Accepts all changes and closes the dialog box.


Cancels all changes and closes the dialog box.


Accepts all changes without closing the dialog box.


Resets all settings in the dialog box to the stored defaults.


Opens the online documentation displays the Help-related topic.