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Intergraph Smart 3D Release Bulletin

Intergraph Smart 3D
Release Bulletin
12 (2018)

The following changes have been made to the Structure task.

Service Packs and Hot Fixes

  • SDS/2 Connect for Smart 3D allows connections to be fully designed directly in Intergraph Smart 3D, without exporting the 3D model to third party steel detailing products. You can create fully designed structural bolted connections, with full analysis calculations, according to country codes. See SDS/2 for more information.

Version 2018 (12.0)

  • Added Routing Tab to Member Part Prismatic Properties Dialog Box. For more information, see Member Part Prismatic Properties Dialog Box. (P2 CP:305574)

  • A new frame connection is available to connect prismatic members to marine plate systems created in Molded Forms. For more information, see Frame Connections. (P2 CP:302274)

  • Hole traced openings created in the Hole Management task are now exported with the standard member or slab to the CIS/2 file. (P2 CP:301816)

  • Openings placed in standard members in a CIS/2 file are now imported with the member. For more information, see Import Structure Dialog Box. (P2 CP:302674)

  • You can now export civil task ditches, trenches, and concrete members to the Industry Foundation Class (IFC) file format for concrete detailing. For more information, see Export Structure Dialog Box. (P2 CP:266575)

  • You can now export using filters that contain only member parts (the filter does not contain the parent member systems). This ability is useful when using a WBS filter to export items. (P2 CP:217082)

  • A new Select action has been added to the Import Structure dialog box. Use this option to add members in the model that are not in the CIS/2 file to a selection set. For more information, see Import Structure Dialog Box. (P2 CP:327146)

  • The importing of openings from a CIS/2 file can now be restricted by size. For more information, see Import Structure Dialog Box. (P3 CP:295775)

  • New cutting limit options are available for the Place Opening command allowing you to specify the direction of the opening in relation to the sketching plane. (P3 CP:297944)

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