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Intergraph Smart 3D Release Bulletin

Intergraph Smart 3D
Release Bulletin
12 (2018)

The following changes have been made to the Drawing and Reports task.

Hot Fix and Service Pack Updates

Drawings (General)

  • Added information about modifying annotation modules created in .NET. Previously, customized .NET annotation DLLs were unavailable in the SharedContent folder. For more information, see Custom Annotation Modules in Annotation Modules. (P2 CP:332398)

  • Added two graphic rules, Root Profile System and Leaf Profile System, to the hull lines view styles. For more information, see Profile System To Draw in Profile Systems on Hull Source (HullLinesRuleSets.DefaultRuleset). (P2 CP:336975)

  • Added information about the new Generic Cutting Surface for Assembly cutting surface definition. Previously, the Generic Ruleset had limitations when using an assembly as the primary input. For more information, see Cutting Surface Intersection. (P2 CP:352013)

  • Updated the steps for placing a manual view for non-shell plates. For more information, see Place a Manual View for Non-Shell Plates. (P3 CP:356938)

Version 2018 (12.0)

Drawings (General)

Orthographic Drawings

  • No changes were made in this release.

Isogen Isometric Drawings

  • In earlier versions of the software, the ability to create customized report output was provided by an external application called the POD Graphics Processor (PODGrapicsProcessor.exe). This functionality is now delivered as a part of Isogen and is called Isogen Reporting. For more information, see Custom Reports.

  • Setting up the software for customized report output now only needs you to specify an Isogen Reporting script file. For more information, see Set up Isogen Reporting output.

  • The software now supports user-defined start points for isometric extraction. For more information, see Use a user-defined start point for isometric extraction. (P2 CP:213122)

  • Added a workflow for using Isogen Reporting to generate a Quick Response (QR) code on the face of the isometric drawing. For more information, see Display QR codes on the isometric drawing. (P2 CP:310910)

  • You can now view Fabrication-Interface files and Transform files in the Reports node of the Extraction Data dialog box. Previously, you had to manually navigate to these output file types on disk. For more information, see Other Report Files in Extraction Data Dialog Box.

  • You can now use the new SLVE Isogen symbol key definition for penetration sleeve placement. For more information, see Penetration Sleeve in Miscellaneous Items (SKEYs).

  • The following changes are specific to the isometric drawing properties supported by the software. For more information, see What's New in the Isometric Drawing Options Reference Help. Smart 3D-specific properties are listed in the Isometric Extraction in Intergraph Smart 3D section.

    • The software now supports the output of control point notes on components along with the ability to define a message enclosure for the control point note. (P2 CP:111363)

    • The new Smart 3D.Drawing Creation.Overview.Use User Defined Start Point property enables you to specify the start point that the software uses for isometric extraction. (P2 CP:213122)

    • The new Smart 3D.Drawing Creation.Overview.Start Point property enables you to control how the isometric start point is determined. (P2 CP:305635)

    • The new Smart 3D.Drawing Creation.Error Behaviour group contains options that enable you to control how the software handles a Floating disconnection and a Soft disconnection during drawing extraction. (P2 CP:317958)

    • The behavior of the bottom-of-the-pipe (BOP) callout for inclined branches (Smart 3D.Content.General.Output BOP Coordinates) has been enhanced. (P2 CP:324152)

    • The new Smart 3D.Post Isogen.Pipeline List.Hide Border property enables you toggle the border display of an embedded pipeline list. (P3 CP:96198)

    • You can use Smart 3D.Content.General.DisableTapToTeeStub to disable the default behavior of the software to treat taps on pipe as set-on tees. (P3 CP:343001)

  • Clarified the requirements and workflow for using dynamic fonts and barcode data. For more information, see Define a dynamic font for isometric drawing extraction and Place barcode data on the isometric drawing.


  • No changes were made in this release.

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