Update/Regenerate Frozen View - PDS - 2011 R1 - Help

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The Update/Regenerate Frozen View command updates or regenerates frozen view graphics in batch mode.

Do not use this command to update a propagated model.

List Area - Displays the models or selected area that you want to update or regenerate.

Update/Regenerate - Select whether you want to update all models, models in selected areas, or only selected models.

Update or Regenerate option - Select whether you want to Update the frozen views or Regenerate the frozen views.

Update automatically updates the permanent, Frozen View graphics to reflect any structural model changes. The Update Frozen command compares the status of the member graphics in the Frozen View to the current model status and adds or removes members from the Frozen View accordingly.

Regenerate recreates all Frozen View graphics from the current model using the current Model View's display style and settings. All existing graphics in the selected Frozen View are deleted and replaced with the new graphics.

Include Attached FWPlus Models - Select to include attached FrameWorks Plus models when the frozen views are updated or regenerated.

Update User Graphics - If this option is on, generic MicroStation elements in the Model View are also updated or regenerated along with the FrameWorks Plus members. Generic MicroStation elements that you have added directly to the frozen file (not the model file) using MicroStation are not affected by this command.