Scheduled Model Propagation - PDS - 2011 R1 - Help

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The Scheduled Model Propagation option is used to specify a periodic schedule for running batch model propagation.

Before Using This Command

To write schedule data to a hard disk location, confirm the directory path exists and that you have permission to write files to the directory.

  • The log on user (system account or "this account") will impact how you set the account mapping in Batch Manager. For additional information, see the System Administrator Responsibilities section of the PDS Project Setup Technical Reference.

  • Scheduled Model Propagation does not perform propagation at the time it is created. Instead, command files are created to alert the system to perform propagation at a specified time of day. The command files are launched by the system scheduler utility.

Operating Sequence

  1. Select Schedule Propagation from the FrameWorks Propagate Model form.

    The Scheduled Model Propagation form is displayed.

  2. Select the required option.