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The File > Import > Structure > CIS/2 command imports a CIS/2 file into the model. This command recognizes Global User Identities (GUIDs) to uniquely identify objects and manages the electronic exchange with the other software package.

Members imported by this command are either standard or designed members depending on the cross-section specified in the import file. Assembly connections are created if that information is provided in the CIS/2 file and the appropriate import option is selected. Frame connections are always created and connect the members in the import file if the connection information is specified. Otherwise, the frame connections are set to "Unsupported".

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Import of Attributes/Properties

User-defined attributes that were defined in the third-party software and exported from that application to the CIS/2 file can be mapped and imported to FrameWorks Plus properties using the UserAttribute_Map.xml file. A sample UserAttribute_Map.xml file is delivered with FrameWorks Plus in the [Product Folder]\SmartPlantStructure\Symbols\StructureImportExportMaps folder.

If the third-party attribute that you want to map does not have an equivalent property in FrameWorks Plus, you need to add that property to FrameWorks Plus (using bulkload) before you can map to it in the xml file.

If the third-party attribute does not have an entry in the mapping files but a property with the same name exists in the FrameWorks Plus, then that third-party attribute will still import and populate the FrameWorks Plus property even though it is not in the mapping file.

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