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Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher Help

Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher
2018 R1 (7.1)

When you have revised and published to SmartPlant Foundation, you can use the Desktop Client Files > View and Markup command to view the drawing. If SmartPlant Markup Plus is installed on your client computer, the file displays inside the View and Markup window. For more information about using SmartPlant Markup Plus, see the SmartPlant Markup Plus Help.

  1. Right-click the document revision of the drawing to open in the tree or list view, and then click Files > View and Markup.

  2. Use the drawing view controls on the toolbar to zoom in or out, fit, pan, and magnify different areas.

  3. To view properties for an object in the Properties window, click Select , and then click the object in the file.

    • If the Properties window is not visible, click View > Properties on the Desktop Client menu bar to display it before you click the object in the view file.

    • To view details for an object, right-click the object and click Details.

  4. To see additional information and actions pertaining to a selected object, right-click the object in the View and Markup window and use the shortcut menu.

If you register your project to a different database or change anything in the Smart Drawing source files that have been published to SmartPlant Foundation, use the Smart Interop Publisher Update command, and then use the Publish command to send the updated drawing document to SmartPlant Foundation.