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Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher Help

Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher
2018 R1 (7.1)

A publish to SmartPlant Foundation performs the following:

  • Publishes a visual representation of the Smart Drawing that can be used in connecting applications such as Smart Construction.

  • Publishes associated data, depending on workflow approval. If the data is approved and loaded, it is used for reporting and subsequent retrieval by downstream applications when the authoring tools retrieve the latest data.

  • Places the published files in the appropriate SmartPlant Foundation vault.

To allow the selection of items associated to correlated Smart Drawings and Smart Models in SmartPlant Foundation, you must publish the Smart Models first and then make sure the publish and load tasks have been completed in SmartPlant Foundation. Then publish and load the related Smart Drawings.

After you have published Smart Drawings for the first time, new versions and revisions are created for subsequent publishing. Unlike Smart Models, you do not have to revise Smart Drawings to do a first-time publish. Also, if you have made changes to drawing source files or registered your project to a different database, you must run the Update command on the corresponding Smart Drawings first, and then re-publish them to SmartPlant Foundation.

To publish when you select both SmartPlant Foundation and Portal targets, Smart Interop Publisher requires a SmartPlant Foundation version that supports portal file types. Refer to the Readme file delivered with your installed version of SmartPlant Foundation for support information. If you do not have a required version, the publish to SmartPlant Foundation operation continues, but it does not publish portal files.

To publish, check the following:

  • Register your project with SmartPlant Foundation. For more information, see Register with SmartPlant.

  • The license client must be installed on the same computer on which Smart Interop Publisher is installed.

  • You must have the Smart Interop Publisher Adaptor to SmartPlant Foundation (SIP) license.

  1. Select the project containing the Smart Drawings to publish.

  2. From the Drawings view, select the drawing in the Smart Drawing grid.

    • Use CTRL+ or SHIFT+ to select multiple Smart Drawings.

    • You must have a successful Smart Drawing translation before you can publish.

  3. From the Smart Drawing grid, click Publish .

  4. If you have a password set up to SmartPlant Foundation, you need to log in. Type in your User name and Password, and then click OK.

    Smart Interop Publisher displays the Publish dialog box. When multiple documents are selected, only property values shared by all of the selected documents appear in the table. Changing a value in the table changes that value for all of the selected documents.

  5. Set the Workflow to AutoLoadPublish so that the document is loaded automatically into SmartPlant Foundation. Otherwise, it remains in the queue.
    From Operation, select Scheduled Publish to publish the Smart Drawing at a later time. For more information, see Schedule a publish to SmartPlant Foundation job.

  6. Click OK to publish the selected Smart Drawings.

    SmartPlant Foundation provides a message to let you know if the publish was successful. You can look at the generated log file.

    If you select multiple Smart Drawings and some of them that have not been revised using the SmartPlant Foundation revision scheme, the software prompts you to either use an open tool revision scheme for all selected Smart Drawings and clear the SPF revision scheme, or cancel publishing.

  7. Click Find > Published Data Documents, and search for your published Smart Drawing document.

  8. Check the Data Load status to make sure the document has been published and loaded successfully and not queued before you can open it.