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Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher
2018 R1 (7.1)

To display port properties such as EndPrep and PressureRating in the Smart 3D format, Smart Interop Publisher provides the PipingPortEndConnectionTable sheet in the default and custom PDMSToR3DMapping.xls file. To add or modify port EndPrep and PressureRating Smart 3D properties, use the CustomPDMSToR3DMapping mapping file.

As an example, let's take a look at a GBD P1CONN port property and modify the Codelist column values. GBD is a common notation where:

  • B represents the End Preparation

  • D represents the Pressure Rating.

  1. From the copy of the CustomPDMSToR3DMapping.xls mapping file you are editing, go to the PipingPortEndConnectionTable sheet.

  2. In the EndPreparationTable section, enter:

    • B in the PDMS EndPrep column

    • RFFE for the S3D EndPrep

    • 99 as the Codelist

  3. In the PDMS Pressure Rating Table section, enter:

    • D in the PDMS Pressure Rating column

    • NUFE for the S3D Pressure Rating

    • 70 as the Codelist

  4. When the PDMS source file is translated and then opened in target applications such as Smart Review, the EndPrep property displays RFFE for a 99 codelist value and the Pressure Rating property displays NUFE for a 70 codelist value.