Drawing Manager - Isogen - Reference

Isogen Isometric Drawing Options Reference

12.1 (2019)

Sets property values for system controls, including pre- and post-processors and the names of the input files that Isogen uses during drawing generation. You can also define properties that control the content and appearance of the extracted drawing.

If you are using ISOGEN Configuration with the current version of Smart 3D, cable tray and HVAC isometric drawing options are limited to beta access. As such, drawing options specific to cable tray and HVAC isometrics are not visible in ISOGEN Configuration by default. To turn on cable tray and HVAC options so that you have access to the full array of drawing settings when configuring Smart 3D isometric drawings, please contact Customer Support.

The Drawing Manager category includes the style groups listed below.

  • Drawing Generation organizes options that control the format of the data that is output on the isometric drawing, such as units format, deviations, and calculations. For more information, see Drawing Generation.

  • Drawing File organizes options groups that define the backing sheet, such as the paper size, margins, template file location, and folder location of the output file. For more information, see Drawing File.

  • Pre and Post Processors organizes options groups that control how pre- and post-processor applications run and interact with Personal Isogen. For more information, see Pre and Post Processors.

  • Input Files organizes options groups that define the names and locations of the input data files that Isogen uses. Options are also available for setting the PIPELINE-REFERENCE-LOCATION-DEFINITION section of the Data Definition (DDF) file, heat treatment, and NDE testing data. For more information, see Input Files.

  • Reports organizes options groups that define Isogen output and report files. For more information, see Reports.