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Switches to the Electrical task.

The Electrical task provides a workspace for distributed cableway system design and routing of conduit and cable. The task creates a three-dimensional representation or model of a distributed system. You can create a fully rendered 3D model of the various cableway systems in your model.

The Electrical task uses point-by-point route design and inserts cableway components and splits during design. Also, the task includes placement of conduit, the hollow tubing used to house and protect cables.

After you complete a cableway design and route conduit, you then route cables through existing conduit and cableways. The Electrical task provides commands that allow you to create cables and their properties, edit cable routes, which includes defining where cables enter and exit cableway, and display the existing route of a cable.

The Electrical task also provides a command for retrieving cable schedules in an integrated environment.