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  1. Select the active WBS project in the Active Project box on the main toolbar.

    If the appropriate WBS project does not appear in the list, click More to open the Select Active Project Dialog Box.

  2. Select objects in the model by clicking in a graphic view, dragging a fence around objects, or selecting by filter.

    When assigning a pipe run to the WBS item, you must select the entire pipe run. Use QuickPick to help with selecting the entire pipe run.

  3. Click Project > Assign to WBS.

  4. On the Assign to WBS dialog box, specify Workspace or Database to update the hierarchy of WBS items.

  5. Select the WBS item to which you want the selected objects assigned.

  6. Click OK to create the relationships between the objects in the select set and the selected WBS item.

  7. Verify the relationship by selecting an object and doing one of the following:

    • Select an object and view the Relationship tab on its Properties dialog box.

    • Select the WBS item in the Workspace Explorer and clickSelect objects to assign on the WBS Item Edit ribbon. All of the associated objects highlight in the graphical view.

    • Right-click the WBS item in the Workspace Explorer and click Select Nested. All of the associated objects highlight in the graphical view.

  • If no as-built project exists, then a message indicates that the command requires an as-built project. You can create an as-built project in the Workspace Explorer by setting As-built in the Project Purpose field. For more information, see WBS Items and Projects.

  • If the select set contains objects that are already claimed to the parent project of the selected WBS item, or the objects are not claimed to another project through another WBS assignment, then the command highlights the objects and displays a message asking if you want to continue with the assignment on the other objects.

  • If some objects cannot be assigned because of assignment type problems, a message appears. Click Yes to continue with the valid objects.

  • If some of the objects are not valid because they are assigned exclusively, a message appears. Click Yes to change the assignment of the highlighted objects.

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