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  1. Click Edit > Copy to Catalog.

  2. Select a set of objects to copy to the Catalog.

  3. Click Accept .

  4. In the Name box, type a name for the set of objects.

    The name you record must be unique from all other names in the Catalog.

  5. In the Type box, check the module type and change it if necessary.

  6. Click a location in the model to define the placement point of the module. This placement point is used during the paste operation.

  7. On the Define Prompts dialog box, confirm or change the values assigned to the description and selection. These values describe the relationships of the objects.

  8. Click Finish. The software adds the objects to the Catalog.

  • You can select the objects before clicking Edit > Copy to Catalog.

  • Before clicking Finish, you can click Properties on the ribbon to define values for the properties of the module.