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  1. If the Check Interference ribbon is not currently displayed, select Tools > Check Interference, then click Settings to display the Interference Checking Settings dialog box.

  2. On the Display tab, set the display for each type of interference and the type of interference that appears based on the required action.

  3. You can edit the values on the Local Detect tab. For example, you can assign interference checking priorities to aspects.

    Maintenance, for example, is a typical aspect listed in the Aspect column. If a check of this aspect is important, then you can indicate the priority as Required. If Maintenance is not as important, then you can indicate the priority as Optional or Not checked.

  4. Specify the interference comparison criteria.

    In Local Detect, the software considers foreign objects referenced in the workspace by default.

  5. Specify a rule in the Include clearance rule box, if necessary.

  6. Specify the interference marker in the Marker size box.

  7. When you have completed all your settings, click Apply and OK on the Local Detect tab.

  8. To view the current interferences list, click List View .