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Transparent styles allow you to see more of the detail in your model without zooming in. This is particularly helpful when you have a lot of objects in the graphics area.

Default style

Translucent style

For more information, see Surface Style Rules.

  1. Click Format > Surface Style Rules.

    The Surface Style Rules dialog box displays.

  2. Select the style rule to use. You can modify an existing rule, or create a new one.

    The Surface Style Rule Properties dialog box displays.

  3. Name the style rule, if necessary.

  4. Select a filter that meets your needs.

  5. Select a translucent style from the Style applied list.

  6. Click Properties next to the Style applied list.

    The Modify Style dialog box displays.

  7. Change the Opacity box to 0.25.

  8. Click OK on the Modify Style dialog box.

    Changing the style changes the display for everyone using the model.

  9. In the Select all aspects to which the style will be applied list, select the boxes for the aspects to display in the transparent style.

    The mores aspects you select, the larger the session file becomes.

  10. Click OK on the Surface Style Rule Properties dialog box.

  11. Select the style rule that you modified from the Style rule library list on the Surface Style Rules dialog box, and then click Add.

  12. Click OK.

    The parts that meet your filter display in the translucent color.