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Intergraph Smart 3D Common

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Intergraph Smart 3D

Generates the PDS configuration file.


Specifies the discipline (such as piping or equipment) for which to export the hierarchy. You can select a discipline from the list.

Export Options

Opens the Export Options dialog box. For more information, see Export Options.

PDS Project Name

Displays the project name as specified in Export Options .

PDS Model Directory

Specifies the model folder. You can type the network path, or navigate to it. When you set Discipline to Structure, the PDS Model Directory is the parent folder of the FWP Sub Project directory. This information is updated in the hierarchy mapping file and used when you export the model.

Mapping File

Specifies the mapping file to use in the export process. The mapping file is a Microsoft Excel workbook that is used to extract or update Smart 3D hierarchy information. Templates of hierarchy mapping sheets are delivered with the mapping file. The mapping file is delivered to the [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\Data\Translators\S3DPDSExport folder. You can copy the mapping sheets to another workbook to create your own hierarchy mapping file.

PDS Project Configuration File

Specifies the location and file name of the ASCII file. This file is used in PDS when creating areas and models with Create Model Data Using ASCII File. For more information, see Configure the PDS Export Initialization File.

Log file

Specifies the location and file name for logging process information. Click View Log to view the log file.

FWP Sub Project

Specifies the sub project number for FrameWorks Plus projects. This setting is only available if Discipline is set to Structure.


Generates an ASCII file as specified, and updates the hierarchy mapping file with the PDS model folder information.

View Log

Displays the log file. This is only available after you click Generate.

View Config

Displays the generated ASCII file. This is only available after you click Generate.