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When you select an object in the model, a ribbon displays with tools for editing those design objects. Usually, the ribbon for a single object is the same or very similar to the create command for that object. You can edit any design properties of the object by clicking the appropriate options to select new inputs.

You must click Finish when you change an option or property associated with an object. Smart 3D commits changes to the object properties immediately to the model database. Placement options are typically on the left side of the ribbon. Object properties are typically on the right side of the ribbon.

1. Placement options

2. Object properties

In some cases, a create command places multiple design objects. In these cases, the modify ribbon for each object is different from the ribbon used to create those objects. The ribbon provides tools that focus on the modification of the specific object you have selected. For example, Smart 3D creates turns automatically as you use Route Pipe . There is no place turn command. You can, however, select and edit the turns.