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Defines how you see curved elements in three dimensions. Curved elements can be standalone curves or the edges of surfaces. Other complex elements can contain both curves and surfaces. The edges style does not apply to the display of profile and layout elements.


Previews selected edge colors.

Copy From Diffuse Color

Defines the color either by copying the color from the Diffuse color on the Surfaces tab, or by defining it using the Red, green, blue or Hue, saturation, intensity color bars. In addition to defining the color of 3D curves, this property allows the color of a surface to differ from the color of its boundary curves.


Adjusts the width of the curve and displays it in the Preview area. This value is not an exact dimension.


Provides a list of predefined line patterns you can apply to a curve. Additionally, you can define your own pattern using the line pattern control, which is the area below the Pattern and Length boxes. Click in the boxes to turn the pattern on or off. When you define your own line pattern, the Length value defines a scaling of this pattern as applied to curves.


Adjusts the line pattern and displays it in the Preview area.

Red, green, blue

Adjusts the amount of red, green, and blue. You can type a value in the box or use the sliders.

Hue, saturation, intensity

Adjusts the amount of color saturation and intensity. You can type a value in the box or use the sliders. The color and hue values must be between 0 and 1.

The Preview options are defined as follows:

Preview render mode

Shows the physical appearance of 3D objects in the workspace. The options available are as follows:

  • Outline - Displays objects with edges as a single line and the surfaces solid. Edge lines and faces not within the normal view are hidden. This setting provides a fast and simple way to review spacing relationships between objects. Because this view involves hidden lines, the display is less cluttered.

  • Smooth Shaded - Displays objects in a solid format with smooth shaded surfaces.

  • Shaded with Enhanced Edges - Displays objects the same as the Smooth Shaded option but with a dark line emphasizing the edges of the objects.