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Close the mapping file before running the PDMS Import Validation command. To avoid errors, the mapping file must remain closed during the validation process.

  1. Click File > Import > PDMS Datal Import > PDMS Import Validation.

    The PDMS Properties Extractor dialog box appears.

  2. Type the name and full path location of the DATAL file to validate. Alternatively, click Browse , and navigate to the appropriate file.

  3. Specify the required mapping and schema definition files.

  4. In Validation Criteria, select the discipline mapping to validate. You must select at least one criterion from the available options.

  5. Click Validate.

    The software runs the validation tool and verifies the mapping details. During validation, the software updates the PDMSPropertySchemaDefinition.xls workbook with any missing objects. For identification, the software highlights the updated cells in red and yellow.

  6. Review the log file for any errors.

  • By default, the following files are delivered during reference data installation:

    • The mapping file is delivered in the [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\Data\Translators\PDMSS3DImport folder.

    • The schema definition file is delivered in the [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\Data\Translators\PDMSS3DImport\ConfigurationFiles\Bulkloadables folder.

  • If the mapping file is read-only, then the software creates a copy of the mapping file with the name <Mapping file name>_COPY.xls, and saves it in the same location as the original mapping file. The software also updates the copy of the mapping file with the missing mapping details.

  • After running the validation tool, you must bulk load the PDMSPropertySchemaDefinition.xls workbook into the Smart 3D catalog. This bulkload is required to add the PDMS interfaces to the Smart 3D catalog and to update the Smart 3D property dialog boxes with the PDMS category.

    • By default, after validation, all missing attributes in the mapping sheet are listed after the End statement with an exclamation mark ("!"). Before you bulk load the PDMSPropertySchemaDefinitionWorkbook.xls workbook, delete the "!" marks from the missing attributes, and move the required rows between the Start and End statements.

  • After running the validation tool, the PDMSS3DImportMapping.xml workbook displays all missing entries in the following colors:

    • Red - The component does not match any mapped components or patterns.

    • Yellow - The component does not match any mapped components, but matches with a pattern instead. Entries highlighted in yellow are treated as warnings. See the log file for more information.