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The File > Export > PDMS Datal Export > Export Model command exports model data from Smart 3D for subsequent import into PDMS. The process involves transferring Smart 3D objects and their attribute values to PDMS's native DATAL file format. For information about the types of Smart 3D model data that you can export to PDMS, see Exporting Smart 3D Model Data.

Include first level objects when exporting Smart 3D model data to PDMS: Equipment, Pipeline, Duct Run, Cableway/Cable tray/Conduit run, Member systems/Root plate system, and Support assembly.

Prior to using the export to PDMS functionality, you must perform the following tasks:

  1. Ensure that the Smart 3D and PDMS catalogs are set up properly. For more information, see Define matching reference data.

  2. Edit the options in the delivered initialization file to define the parameters used in the export process. For more information about the initialization file, see Configure the PDMS export initialization file.

  3. Edit the mapping workbooks to reflect the customizations that you have made to the Smart 3D model object attributes. For more information about the mapping worksheets, see Appendix: Smart 3D Export to PDMS Workbook.

  4. Ensure that the mapping and INI (PDMSExportTranslator.ini) files are in the same file path before exporting model data to PDMS.

  5. Use the PDMS Export Validation command to validate the mapping details that you have defined. For more information, see PDMS Export Validation.

Export Model to PDMS Datal Dialog Box

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