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2019 (10.0)
2018 (9.0)

Before you can publish and retrieve documents from any of the authoring tools, such as Intergraph Smart® 3D, PDS 3D, Smart Instrumentation, Smart P&ID, or Aspen Basic Engineering, you must register each plant in the authoring tool using the Register command. This connection allows the authoring tool to display the SmartPlant commands. The authoring tool administrator typically registers plants for each authoring tool.

The Register command maps the authoring tool's plant and all its projects to a SmartPlant Foundation URL, which points to one SmartPlant Foundation plant, and returns a unique signature for the tool/plant combination being registered. When you use the Register command in any of the authoring tools, you are registering an authoring tool plant with a SmartPlant Foundation URL and plant that you specify.

Each plant in the authoring tool must be registered at least once. After the plant is registered, you can publish and retrieve documents.

The registration process also compares the authoring tool’s schema release number against the list of supported release numbers on the SmartPlant Foundation server. If the tool schema is compatible, the tool is granted registration.

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