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2019 (10.0)
2018 (9.0)

The following example explains how to publish objects to a correlate workflow from a tool that has been used to modify data for your plant, but was just added to the integrated environment.

In this example, Smart Instrumentation has been used to create instrument data, including an instrument index. However, other tools have already published process data based on the same tag numbers. You want to publish data to SmartPlant Foundation without first publishing and retrieving data from other tools, and correlate it against the data that exists in SmartPlant Foundation.

  1. In Smart Instrumentation, publish the instrument index. The Publish dialog box displays.

  2. On the Publish tab, select Correlate from the Workflow list.

    You can select the Auto-correlate workflow to automatically correlate items during publish. See .

  3. Click OK.

  4. In SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client, click View > To Do List.

  5. In the To Do List, right-click on the Correlate task, then click Correlate on the shortcut menu.

  6. In the Correlate dialog box, check the instruments you want to correlate. All items are selected by default.

  7. Click OK.

  8. In the To Do List, right-click on the Correlate task, then click Approve on the shortcut menu.

  9. Add comments or messages in the SignOffStep Task dialog box.

  10. To verify the data is updated, click Query > Published Documents. The instrument index should appear in the loader queue.

  11. Verify that the load and consolidate tasks complete successfully.

  12. Click Find > Published Data > Instruments.

  13. Right-click an instrument, and click View Shared Instrument. Review the data to make sure data from the correlated objects appear.