What's New with Plant Design System (PDS) Integration - Intergraph Smart 3D - Release Bulletin

Intergraph Smart 3D Release Bulletin

Intergraph Smart 3D
Release Bulletin

The following changes have been made to the PDS® integration with Smart 3D guide.

Version 2016 (11.0)

  • Formerly known as SmartPlant 3D (SP3D) and SmartMarine 3D (SM3D), the products are now integrated and rebranded as Smart 3D (S3D). Replaced all instances of SP3D and SM3D with S3D in this user's guide. (P1 CP:273062)

  • Information related to PDS Model Reference has been removed. (P2 CP:276780)

  • Added information about importing PDS parametrics as Catalog Equipment, as well as information on importing sloped piping. For more information, see Import Equipment and Import sloped piping. (P4 CP:231646, CP:231646)

  • Added note that if you do not map an XML Spec for the CableTraySpec, ConduitSpec, and HVACSpec sheets, then the PDS software pulls an XML Spec from Smart 3D. For more information, see CableTraySpec, ConduitSpec, and HVACSpec. (P4 CP:251245)

  • Added new section describing the PMC-Map sheet. For more information, see PMC-Map. (P4 CP:251245)

  • When you export raceway model data to an XML file, you must specify an export list file document that contains the complete file paths to the DGN files. If the list file does not contain the complete file paths, the process fails. For more information, see Export Raceway Model Data to an XML File. (P3 CP:271729)

  • Updated information on PDS Import and Import XMpLant Data. For more information, see PDS Import and Import XMpLant Data. (P2 CP:251249)

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