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Intergraph Smart 3D Release Bulletin

Intergraph Smart 3D
Release Bulletin

The following changes have been made to the Drawings and Reports reference data.

Hot Fix and Service Pack Updates

  • Added two graphic rules, Root Profile System and Leaf Profile System, to the hull lines view styles. For more information, see Profile System To Draw in Profile Systems on Hull Source (HullLinesRuleSets.DefaultRuleset). (P2 CP:335091)

  • The software now supports suppressing tangential turn feature edges in duct runs. For more information, see Graphic Rule - VHL Dialog Box. (P2 CP:336801)

  • Added information about modifying annotation modules created in .NET. Previously, customized .NET annotation DLLs were unavailable in the SharedContent folder. For more information, see Custom Annotation Modules in Annotation Modules. (P2 CP:332398)

  • Added information about the new Generic Cutting Surface for Assembly cutting surface definition. Previously, the Generic Ruleset had limitations when using an assembly as the primary input. For more information, see Cutting Surface Intersection. (P2 CP:349771)

  • Added the following new ruleset custom tests. (P2 CP:354871)

  • Added the ability for distinguishing objects with Space Volume as an input for better selection of objects in drawings. For more information, see Block Location. (P3 CP:354867)

  • Added information about using the DBRGenericRuleSet.GenericRuleSet rule set to define any add-on used in a generic rule set. For more information, see Generic Rule Set. (P3 CP:320248)

  • Added the Merge Curves property to Cutting Surface Intersection. (P3 CP:344783)

  • Added the Merge Curves property to Visible/Hidden Edges (VHL). (P3 CP:349255)

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