Map components with a specific property value to a component category - Intergraph Smart Construction - 2018 (6.0) - Customization - Hexagon PPM

Intergraph Smart Construction Customization (2018)

Intergraph Smart Construction
Customization & Programming
2018 (6.0)
  1. Check out and open the SPCRetrieveMappings.xlsm workbook.

  2. Type the domain, class definition, interface definition, and property definition in the appropriate column.

  3. Type the value of a published property in the Value column to map components with a specific property value to a component category.

    For example, the following mapping specifies that Smart 3D equipment components with the EqType0 property definition and Civil Elements property be mapped to the Structure component category.

    To list multiple property values, use the pipe (|) between values in braces, such as {Property | Property}.

  4. Save changes to the SPCRetrieveMappings.xlsm workbook.

  5. Select the Main tab of the worksheet.

  6. Click Generate Retrieve Mapping to generate a new XML file with the modified mapped properties.

  7. Check in and sign off the file in the SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client. For more information, see Map properties and generate XML for a Smart Construction retrieve.