Configuring a Custom Plant Breakdown Structure (PBS) for Smart Construction - Intergraph Smart Construction - 2018 (6.0) - Customization - Hexagon PPM

Intergraph Smart Construction Customization (2018)

Intergraph Smart Construction
Customization & Programming
2018 (6.0)

Engineering data for your plant is organized using a plant breakdown structure (PBS). For example, a PBS for organizing plant data might be plant/area/system/subsystem or plant/area/unit. By default, the PBS for integration and SmartPlant Foundation is plant/area/unit. However, you can use the Schema Editor to configure the default hierarchy in the schema to meet your needs. For more information on configuring a custom PBS for SmartPlant Foundation or integration, see Creating an alternate plant breakdown structure (PBS).

Smart Construction can be configured to use a custom PBS hierarchy. By default, the Smart Construction site uses the same PBS structure as SmartPlant Foundation and integration - plant/area/unit; however, you can configure the Smart Construction schema for your site to use a custom PBS structure, and you can configure Smart Construction items, such as the Drawings browser, to use the PBS structure.

You must configure the schema before you load the Smart Construction schema on your site. For more information, see Using a custom plant breakdown structure (PBS) hierarchy with Smart Construction.