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Intergraph Smart Construction Customization (2018)

Intergraph Smart Construction
Customization & Programming
2018 (6.0)

The Schedule Export command creates an XML file that lets you import Smart Construction schedule information into Primavera P6. When you run the command, the following process occurs:

  1. Smart Construction retrieves schedule data and generates XML data.

  2. Smart Construction transforms the XML data through an XSL file (determined by the export level chosen).

  3. The final XML file is written to disk; the format supports importing into Primavera P6.

If you have a requirement to import Smart Construction data into a different software package, you can modify or replace the XSL files used during the Schedule Export command. By changing the XSL files, you control the final format of the XML generated by the command.

You must be familiar with XSL programming to be successful. We recommend that you back up the delivered XSL files.

Before starting, you need to know the format of the XML data being processed. The Schedule Export command writes an XML file to disk so that you are able to analyze the XML data processed by the XSL files.

  1. Export your schedule from Smart Construction. For more information, see Export schedule.

    When you export your schedule from Smart Construction, the ExportScheduleInput.xml file is written to the $TMP folder. If a $TMP folder does not exist, Smart Construction writes the file to the $TEMP folder, then the user profile folder, then $windir folder.

  2. Browse to the SPCStyles folder in the installation folder on the Smart Construction server. For example, browse to [Drive]:\SmartPlant Foundation Server Files\Web_Sites\[sitename]\Bin\SPCReferenceFiles. You can analyze the .xsl files in the SPCStyles folder to see how Smart Construction transforms the input XML data to the format required by Primavera P6.

  3. Customize the XSL file. You can edit the original, or use your own XSL file.

    If you replace the delivered XSL file with a custom XSL file, the file must use the same name as the delivered file. The XSL file name depends on the level of export:

    • If you export to the IWP level, the XSL file is ExportToPrimaveraLevel3StyleSheet.xsl.

    • If you export to the component level, the XSL file is ExportToPrimaveraLevel4StyleSheet.xsl.

    • If you export to the work step level, the XSL file is ExportToPrimaveraLevel5StyleSheet.xsl.