Create a ReportDriver - Intergraph Smart Construction - 2018 (6.0) - Customization - Hexagon PPM

Intergraph Smart Construction Customization (2018)

Intergraph Smart Construction
Customization & Programming
2018 (6.0)
  1. Right-click the Project node in your Solution Explorer and navigate to Add > New Item to open the Add New Item dialog box.

  2. On the Add New Item dialog box, select the Code node from the Categories pane and select Class from the Templates pane. Type a name in the Name box. Click Add. The new class opens and is available in the Solution Explorer.

  3. In the class that you created, add a default constructor and inherit from the BaseReportDriver class as seen in the following example.

  4. Add logic to the overridden methods to perform any additional steps you need.