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Intergraph Smart Construction Customization (2018)

Intergraph Smart Construction
Customization & Programming
2018 (6.0)

You can create parameter fields in SAP Crystal Reports. Smart Construction reports can be configured to use these parameters to include sections or not, turning headers on and off, and so on.

If you create a parameter field in SAP Crystal Reports, you must also configure a report parameter in SmartPlant Foundation.

When you create and configure a report parameter in SmartPlant Foundation to match the Crystal Reports report parameter fields, consider the following:

  • The name of the Crystal Report parameter field must match the name of the parameter you configure in SmartPlant Foundation.

  • The Graph Edge Name box can be left blank because the parameter does not use the value to filter data.

  • The property value should indicate the property value to use for this parameter such as String, String128, Int (integer), Double, YMD (year month day), and Boolean.

  • By default Smart Construction passes the following parameter fields to SAP Crystal Reports to provide system information on the report execution: @Loginuser, @LoginProject, @ClientName, and @Locale.

For information on how to create parameter fields in SAP Crystal Reports, see the SAP Crystal Reports documentation.