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  1. Be sure that SmartPlant License Manager is installed and configured on your computer.

  2. Click Start > Programs > Intergraph SmartPlant License Checkout Utility > License Checkout Utility.

    License Checkout Utility Dialog Box

  3. In the Application Group list, select SmartSketch.

  4. If necessary, select an expiration from the License Expiration list, and then click Check Out.

  • Checked out licenses cannot be checked in.

  • When running in remote license mode, you cannot use setup to modify the product installation until the following conditions are met:

    • The checkout duration expires.

    • The system is working with SmartPlant License Manager in connected license mode once again.

      In other words, you cannot install or remove add-ins while running in remote license mode.

  • If the product is running in remote license mode but is unable to confirm for any reason that it is running in that mode, the product automatically returns to connected license mode and attempts to obtain the licenses from SmartPlant License Manager. The product notifies you if it is unable to obtain licenses from SmartPlant License Manager.

  • Each time you start the product while using the remote license mode, the software displays a message informing you when the checked out license will expire. The first time that you run the product after the checked out licenses expire, the software displays a message informing you that the checked out licenses have expired and that the software is reverting to the standard connected license mode and attempting to get licenses from SmartPlant License Manager.

  • When the SmartSketch Drawing Editor (Standalone) is used, a SmartSketch license is assigned to it.