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Add-ins are commands or functions that add special capabilities to the software. To install an add-in, choose Add-Ins from the Tools menu. After you install an add-in, its commands or functions become an integrated part of the software until you remove the add-in.

Add-Ins Included with the Software

The following add-ins are included with the software and are located in the <Product Folder>\Addins folder:



Symbol Authoring Tools

Provides ready-to-use symbols and a tool set for creating your own symbols.


Automatically saves open documents at the interval you specify.


Enables large format raster display and provides image editing tools.

Isometric Toolbar

Activates an isometric toolbar while a given document is active.

Line Style Editor

Edits linear styles, linear patterns and point styles.

To Do List Manager

Manages a To Do List for documents.

Organizational Chart Wizard

Creates organization charts quickly and easily.

  • The ImageIntegrator and Symbol Authoring Tools add-ins are only available if you install the Image Integrator and Symbol Authoring options. For more information about installing SmartSketch options, see SmartSketch Installation.

  • The Line Style Editor does not display in the Add-ins list until you click Tools > Line Style Editor to toggle it on for the first time. Once it has been added to the Add-ins list, you can toggle on/off the Line Style Editor by selecting/deselecting it in the Add-ins list or by clicking Tools > Line Style Editor.

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