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Specifies the appearance of a border around a text box.

Show border

Displays the outline of the text box.

Border type

Sets the shape of the border around a text box. You can choose from a selection of common geometric shapes.

Line style

Sets the line style for the text box.

Border color

Sets the color of the border.

Line width

Specifies the width of the border in paper or world units of the text box.

Paragraph separators

Places a horizontal line between each paragraph in a text box. This option is only available if Show Border is selected.

A paragraph is defined by a carriage return within the text body. Using the carriage return as the sole means to create a new line of text will result in a text object with many lines as shown in the following illustration:

As an alternative for controlling auto returns within the text body, you can restrain the width of the box during placement or through the Text Box Properties dialog box.


Places a shadow around the borders of text in a text box.

Shadow offset

Specifies a distance to offset the shadow in paper or world units of the text box.

Fill color

Displays the color of a solid fill on an element boundary. This value overrides the style of the fill. Transparent is the default. When you set the fill color to transparent, no fill is visible on the boundary. You can also apply a fill color option with a fill pattern. Filled elements always cover other elements when they overlap. A fill color always appears behind the fill pattern when you apply both to the same boundary.

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