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Grouping elements allows you to work with them as a unit. The elements must reside in the same document and drawing sheet.

To group elements

  1. Select two or more elements.

    You cannot select an element that is already a member of a group.

  2. On the Change toolbar, click Group .

To ungroup elements

  1. Select a group.

  2. On the Change toolbar, click Ungroup .

To modify properties on one element in a group

  1. Use QuickPick to select the element to modify.

  2. Modify properties on the selected object using the ribbon bar.

  • You can nest groups by selecting two or more groups. You can then ungroup the entire group or any of its members.

  • You can select a group and other elements and use Group to group them.

  • You can perform tasks on all members of a group by selecting the group and then selecting the command or ribbon option you want to use.

  • You can use QuickPick to select and edit one or more members of a group.

  • You can use the bottom-up selection method instead of QuickPick, to select individual group members. Set Bottom Up on the Select tool ribbon.

  • You can use the Properties dialog box to find out if an element is part of a group. Select the element and then, on the shortcut menu, click Properties.

  • In Catalog Manager, you cannot save a symbol with grouped elements. Therefore, you must ungroup all grouped elements before saving the symbol.

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