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Sets terminator and symbol options for dimensions. A terminator is a graphic symbol, such as an arrow or dot, placed at the end of a leader.


Sets options for terminators.


Sets the terminator type for all terminators. Examples of some of the terminator types are provided below.

Arrow (Filled)

Arrow (Hollow)

Arrow (Open)

Back Slash






Sets the size of the terminator. The value is a ratio of the dimension text size. For example, if you set Font Size on the Text tab to be .2 cm and Size to be 2, the terminator is twice the size of the dimension text.

Inside Limit

Controls the terminator position relative to a dimension's projection lines. The Inside Limit is calculated as a constant times the dimension font size. For example, if the font size is 0.125 inches and the Inside Limit is set to 3 (3 x font size), any dimension with a value greater than or equal to 0.375 inches positions its terminators on the inside of the projection lines. Any dimension with a value less than 0.375 inches positions its terminators on the outside of the projection lines.


Specifies which end of the terminator displays or if both ends display. You can set the display to none (off), origin, measurement, or both origin and measurement. The following picture shows the display when you select Origin and Measurement.

Freespace Type

Sets the terminator type for a dimension with a terminator placed in free space.

Origin Type

Sets the terminator type used on the origin of a linear dimension.

This setting affects dimensions only at placement. You can change the terminator's position after placement by dragging the terminator to the other side of the projection line.

In the example below, the inside limit value is 3, the font size is 0.1 in., and the dimension line is .317 in. in length. Therefore:

Dimension value > 3 (inside limit) * .01 (font size)

The inside limit affects newly-placed dimensions only. The setting has no effect if the dimension value is changed because of changes in the parent geometry.

Datum Type

Sets the terminator type for datum frames. If you select Normal, the datum frame uses the active terminator type for dimensions. If you select Anchor, the datum frame uses an anchor terminator.


Sets options for symbols in dimensions.


Sets the placement position for the symbol on diameter and radial and linear dimensions for an arc. You can place the symbol before or after the dimension. You can also hide the symbol.

Not to Scale

Displays an underline, zigzag, or no indicator on driven dimensions with overridden values. You can use the zigzag option only on linear dimensions. You can override a driven dimension value by typing a new value in the Edit Value box on a dimension ribbon.

Suppress Diameter

Suppresses the diameter symbol on diameter dimensions.

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