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  1. Click View > Grid Display.

    This step is optional. You do not have to display the grid to align elements with it.

  2. On the View menu, select Grid Snap.

  3. Place the elements that you want with the grid.

  • You cannot place elements using PinPoint on the Main toolbar if you are using Grid Snap.

  • You can change the grid display by setting options on the View tab of the Options dialog box.

  • When you perform Step 3, a red crosshair will appear at the pointer showing where an element's points are placed. Elements align with the grid lines or nearest intersection of the grid lines.

  • Grid snap does not work while you identify elements that are aligned along grid lines. To override this, press the ALT key while identifying these elements.

  • Relationship and alignment indicators override the grid snap. You can suppress the indicators by pressing ALT.

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