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When installed, the Symbol Authoring option for SmartSketch provides integrated tools for creating new symbols and modifying existing symbols. Symbol Authoring tools give you the ability to:

  • Define SmartPoints on your symbols that predetermine points where connectors should attach (connect points), multiple origin points for placement (drag points), and points where other symbols should attach (drop points)

  • Define symbol behaviors such as rotation angles, desired handles (mirror, scale, rotate), label positions, etc.

  • Define symbol attributes (text information) and symbol parameters (dimensional information)

  • Define special processes (actions) that execute on symbol drop, double click, and so forth.

  • Define bitmaps and help files to be associated with your symbol.

  • Drive symbol parameters and attributes from external datasources such as Excel or MS Access (lookup tables)

  • Define several graphic representations (multiple representations) of a symbol that can be changed after placement using the right mouse short-cut

You can install the Symbol Authoring option using the Custom setup feature. For more information on installing SmartSketch options, see SmartSketch Installation.

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