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You can use Microsoft Excel to link a variable to a spreadsheet. Besides Excel, you can use other spreadsheet software that can link or embed objects. Before you can link a variable to a spreadsheet, you must first create the variables you want in the design document. Click Related Topics for more information about how to create a variable.

  1. In another application, such as Excel, open the document that contains the spreadsheet you want to link to. The spreadsheet should contain the appropriate values for dimensional relationships.

    You can edit this link by clicking the Edit > Links command.

  2. Open the design document that you want to link to and click Tools > Variables. Arrange the windows of the spreadsheet document and the Variable Table in the design document so that you can see the appropriate cells in both documents.

  3. In the spreadsheet, select the cell that you want to link to. It can be a single cell or two adjacent cells, where the first cell contains the value and the second cell contains the units.

  4. Copy the selected cells. For example, if you are using Excel, click Edit > Copy.

  5. In the Variable Table, in the Formula column, click the cell of the variable that you want to link the spreadsheet to.

  6. On the shortcut menu, click Paste Link.

    • To access the shortcut menu, put the mouse pointer in the white area of the Variable Table and right-click.

    • Press ENTER to accept the value you pasted. When you edit the value in the spreadsheet, the variable in the Variable Table updates as well. For example, when you link the dimensions in the design document to an Excel spreadsheet, you can change the dimensions of the design by editing the corresponding values in the Excel spreadsheet. The design document automatically updates.

You can edit the links with Edit Links command on the shortcut menu.

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