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If you want to place a line, you click Line/Arc Continuous (or Line) on the Draw toolbar. Then, you click a point on the drawing sheet to indicate where to start the line. You click a second point to indicate where to end the line. If you do not want to place another line, right-click to end the operation.

You can also place the line by clicking Line/Arc Continuous (or Line) and then clicking and dragging the pointer. When you release the mouse, the line appears on the drawing sheet.

If you want to place a precise line, you can click Line/Arc Continuous (or Line), type values into the ribbon that appears, and then press ENTER. You then click on the drawing sheet to place the line.

You can also use a combination of clicks and ribbon input to place the line. For example, you can type a line length in the ribbon box to lock the length value and then set the line's orientation angle graphically. You can set the color and line type by clicking a style in the Style list box.

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